Sunday, June 1, 2008

Your smile

Of course I remember the day
You seemed alone though accompanied by your thoughts
And the book which you were reading
Well I was alone as usual
Desperate to let you know of my existance
Instead I put up my blank face which says I don't see you

And then,just then
You let go of the book and looked at me
As if you know what I was thinking
And gave me the most beautiful smile I have ever seen

After so many years together ,you still haven't told me what that smile was about
And I wonder
Was it the misunderstood ,misguiding smile or my loneliness back then
That ruined both our lives


hello stranger!
do u remember me?
we met while walking on the road
even though I didn't knew you existed and vice versa
we met in school where all we cared about is playing
we met in college where we misunderstood freedom to be a bottle of whisky.
we met in office where all we know of each other is fake smiles

Tell me stranger
How much of my soul should i give to you?
can i keep all for myself?
maybe not,cause i need a part of your soul also.
can i give everything away?
maybe not cause then i won't be alive anymore.

what if we all keep all our souls to ourselves only
Then we all would be alive for the time being but we would be dead soon
What if we all give all our souls away to create one big soul.
Then i am dead already but we are immortal

we don't know which option to take
so we live in between
which basically is a compromise
between life and death


I am beginning this blog the same way i begin my day. By paying my regards to camod [:D]

oh camod !
unsung hero of life
scientists have abandoned you,
For theories that never existed
philosophers have forgotten you,
for meaning that was never visible
socialist have ignored you,
for more celebrated belongings that most men never had
Writers went through you,
For vanity that was never as real as you,
And now since you have beaten them all,
you are the greatest invention of simplicity,
Most constant source of happiness,
And most evident proof of equality
And more evergreen than shakespear

(oh! shit , i have written a poem on camod )